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    Codelink v2 is developed and maintained by Me (momoguru), If you enjoy the game, please help offset the cost of hosting and bandwidth by making a contribution to this project.

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    Latest fixes and changes to the game client.

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    Download Codelink v2
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    Coming soon, maybe.

    CLV2 Downloads Section

    Posted on :June 12, 2012, 3:41 am

    Codelink v2 is my baby, I have been working on this game for over 5 years now. Your feedback, excitement, support and donations are what keep me going. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see people uploading codelink videos on youtube and creating little fansites and tools for this game. If you want to become part of the codelink community, please head over to our brand new forums. (yes, i accidentally killed our old forums.)

    Here is a list of codelink downloads that are hosted right here on the site. I strongly advise that you only download stuff from here. God only knows what you may come across by downloading this hacker game from a torrent site. Everything you could want to download for codelink v2 is right here.

    Download Codelink v2 (clv2.zip)

    Already have the EXE and just want to update your game.dat manually?Download current game.dat file

    These archives will provide you die hard codelink vets with all the way back codelink classics. Some of these files date as far back as 2003. I hope you enjoy these, each one is a gem. Keep in mind that all of these versions are offline versions.


    Web Site Archives :
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